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Plaza Vendôme

It is one of those unique places in the world, perhaps the most luxurious in the world. The representative site of classical French urbanism.

This square was erected in 1702 as a monument to the glory of the army of Louis XIV. They wanted to create a square inspired by the famous Place de Vosges del Marais, created in the previous century, with luxury house fronts.

In the center was an equestrian statue of Louis XIV destroyed during the Revolution. He is currently an obelisk in honor of each of Napoleon's battles. If you observe well, each of the battles is carved at the edges until you reach the top where Napoleon himself is.

However, Louis XIV is still there. If you observe well there are suns in each of the facades that surround the obelisk, to indicate to us that Louis XIV, the sun king, is still present in this place.


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