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Buenos Aires

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The microcenter of Buenos Aires

The main of the microcenter of the city. The itinerary starts at the San Pedrito station (Salida Casa Rosada) of the subway line A.


ConiPan y Marian

ConiPan: My university degree says: Lic in Communication Sciences My father say - gold powder My boyfriend: disorderly My psychologist: ... My boss an employee (Leonina) I ... I do not know .. I discover it every day and if I do not like it I change it! The only thing I know is that I need many lives to know ALL THE WORLD, Yes EVERYTHING! Starting where I live ... the great city of Fury: Buenos Aires Marian: Curious by nature, I know they say that curiosity killed the cat, but since I am a Pisces I do not worry. Former amateur guitarist and music lover of all times, I enjoy the history and walk the cities to tell me their own stories. My alma mater for the kitchen: my grandparents, I hope someday to get to your heels. Almost graduated in Communication Sciences and an inveterate traveller. No matter the destination, all places have their magic.