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Administration of National Parks

This building, originally known as the Haedo Palace, was an old aristocratic residence built (it is estimated) in the 1860s for the family of Mariano Haedo, a businessman linked to the railways, and to date is the oldest building that surrounds the Plaza San Martin. In the year 1880, the palace is sold to Colonel Reynaldo Villar, member of an aristocratic family of Gualeguaychú, province of Entre Ríos. This family was in charge of remodeling the building, transforming the neo-baroque style into a more eclectic version, with elements of neo-Gothic and French classicism.

In the year 1942, and already in the hands of other owners: Banco Popular Argentino, the National Parks Administration decides to acquire the palace and said agency begins to work in that building to this day.

Buenos Aires


In 1999, a private company offered the Ministry of Economy a number to acquire the National Parks building, upon hearing the news, the administration workers mobilized and avoided the sale. In 2001, through a law, the Haedo Palace has been declared a National Historic Monument. Inside, and to this day, you can appreciate the luxuries of the time of its construction: Slovenian oak floors, stained glass windows, Botticino marble staircases, also, retains an original Otis elevator, considered one of the oldest in the world. country.

After several years of deterioration, in 2013, the value of the building was authorized.

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