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Buenos Aires

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Church and Monastery Santa Catalina de Siena

The Santa Catalina de Siena Church was founded in 1745 to house the first monastery of cloistered nuns of Buenos Aires. The building is one of the best exponents of the architecture of the colonial era that survive in Buenos Aires and, both the church and the monastery, have been declared a National Historic Monument. Over time, it has been preserved as an oasis of prayer and contemplation. It was inhabited by the Nuns of the Second Dominican Order until 1974 when the congregation decided to move to San Justo and donated the buildings to the Archbishopric of Buenos Aires. Since 2001, it functions as a Center for Spiritual Attention with the mission of serving the spiritual needs of the people who work in the Buenos Aires Microcentro.

Buenos Aires


In the Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena, there is a cistern that was inaugurated 60 days before the May Revolution.

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Address Viamonte Esquina San Martín, CABA