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Buenos Aires

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National Theater Cervantes

It is the only National Theater of Argentina.

It was inaugurated in 1921 with María Guerrero, one of the founders of the Theater, performing La dama boba by Lope de Vega.
The theater was founded by María Guerrero and her husband Fernando Díaz de Mendoza, both of whom invested their fortune to carry it out. As you can see the theater is a great work of art which made it difficult for only a couple to keep this work because of this Maria Guerrero managed to commit the king of Spain at this time Alfonso XII to carry out the construction of the theater who arranged that all the ships that left Spain for Buenos Aires should carry some artistic piece for the theater.

After 5 years of the inauguration of the theater, the Guerrero - Diaz Mendoza marriage had to agree to auction it due to the high costs and indebtedness, finally, this did not happen and the Theater was in the hands of the Argentine State. The construction and execution of the building were in charge of the architects Aranda and Repetto, together with the supervision of Maria Guerrero. To carry out the theater that today you have in front of you, it took some 700 people, including workers and artists. Both Aranda and Repetto and Guerrero agreed that the facade of the building reproduced in every detail the University of Alcalá de Henares.

Buenos Aires


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Ten Spanish cities worked for the theater: from Valencia, tiles and damasks; of Tarragona, the red tiles for the floor; of Ronda, the doors of the boxes copied from an old sacristy; of Seville, the armchairs of the patio, bargueños, mirrors, benches, grilles, ironwork, tiles; of Lucena, lamps, lamps, lanterns; of Barcelona, ​the fresco painting for the ceiling of the theater, of Madrid, the curtains, tapestries and the curtain of mouth.

We also tell you that there is a play called "guided tour" that tells the history of the theater

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