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Buenos Aires

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Naval Center - Headquarters

The Naval Center is a civil association, was founded in 1882 by a group of young officers of the Argentine Navy graduates of the first promotions of the naval school.

The Center was born as a club for socio-cultural purposes, what was intended was to provide young graduates with professional training in such a way that they could access a biography about the profession, translated texts, lectures, etc. In addition another of the objectives that tapeworm was to make known what is the sea to all the community.

At first, the center marked the difference between the officers who had been trained in life on the ship and at sea with the officers who were trained in the academic field

Although the Naval Center was founded in 1882, the building we can see today began to be built in 1911 and finished in 1914.
The architectural style responds to French academicism. The work was in charge of the architects Jacques Dunant and Gastón Mallet.

Buenos Aires


The Naval Center has no official link with the navy, the only link with the navy and the most important one is that its active members must be officers of the navy in function or retired.

The National Marine Library operates on the 4th floor

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