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Pacífico Gallery

The building where today we find the shopping center of Galerías Pacífico is a National Historic Monument. Although today it is one of the main shopping malls in the City of Buenos Aires, we must be objective and tell you that, even if you are not interested in the shopping centers, GP deserves to be visited for the architectural value it possesses and for its impressive murals that can be seen in the dome painted by Argentine painters: Antonio Berni, Lino Enea Spilimbergo, Demetrio Urruchua and Juan Carlos Castagnino.

The building in its beginnings was built to be a headquarters of the "Bon Marché" shops by the Architects Emilio Agrelo and Raúl Le Levacher in 1889, however, it never became one, shortly after it was sold to the railroad Buenos Aires to the Pacific from whom it inherited its first name. In 1944 the building was modified by the architects Aslan and Ezcurra. Throughout time the building housed the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Academy of Fine Arts. After several years of neglect in 1990, the building was recovered and now, in addition to the commercial center, there is a headquarters of the Borges Cultural Center of different educational institutions and the splendor hotel.

Buenos Aires


In 1987, a film crew was filming in the basement of Galerías Pacífico, when one of the members of the production who had been kidnapped and tortured in the military dictatorship recognized the place, and discovered that during this period the basements of the shopping center had functioned as a torture center. On the walls, you could still see the marks made by long-dead prisoners: names, dates, pleas for help.

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