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Buenos Aires

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Plaza Lavalle

Lavalle Square is surrounded by many historic buildings, the Court Palace. It bears his name in commemoration of Juan Lavalle who was a prominent hero in the independence and in the civil wars that took place in Argentina of Unitarians vs. federals.
Juan Lavalle was well known and questioned because he ordered General Dorrego to be shot.

The ironies of the history made that the square that was named in memory of Lavalle just was the one that was in front of the mansion of the family Dorrego the Miró palace, according to the story the windows that faced the square were walled up to avoid seeing the monument to Lavalle, the mansion was demolished to widen the plaza that bears the name of General Lavalle, who tells the story that since he ordered Dorrego to be shot, the ghost persecuted him until his death.

Buenos Aires


In the place where today we see the square in the eighteenth century there was a lagoon, and one of the streams that crossed the city that ran along Libertad Street and turned in Viamonte to cross it had built a bridge called Bridge of Sighs.

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