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We see large columns with human shape that had a primarily functional purpose. They were stone columns that supported the roofs of temples in Tula. Such constructions were a feat for the time, as shown by the painting placed on one of the walls of this Toltec room. It shows the techniques of the size of the columns and also the system to transport them.

These atlantes are attributed mainly to the Toltec culture and were found in Tula, a city also originally called Tollan-Xicocotitlan. They measure 4.6 meters high and some postulate that it is an idealization of the Toltec warrior. For many are representations of Quetzalcoatlcomo, or also called "Morning Star". He is dressed as a Toltec warrior, with a butterfly breastplate, darts, a knife and a curved weapon that is very characteristic of the warrior representations of this culture.

Anthropology Museum