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Burial of Teotihuacan

Here is part of the two hundred people who were sacrificed and found in the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. We see individuals who have their hands tied behind their backs and who wear necklaces with jaw-shaped pieces. The reproduction shows us realistically what happened in the pyramid.

In fact, according to the theory of some archaeologists, the temple of Quetzalcoatl was related to the creation of time and the calendar. The hypothesis says that the individuals offered there were exactly 260, a number that corresponds to the days that make up the prehispanic ritual calendar. Although these skeletons are testimonies of war and military conquest, those homicides in some way give origin to the universe, to life, and marked the beginning of a time.

Today, new elements continue to be discovered under the pyramid. Several of the inhumations, individual and collective, have a symmetrical connection. It is thought that ceremonies were held inside the temple and that primary and secondary burials are found. It is also believed that there was a human sacrifice on a large scale that gave rise to all these bodies. Even though the extraction of the heart was practiced in the pyramids, in this pyramid that sacrifice could be by means of the decapitation.

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