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Estelas de Xochicalco

If you look closely at this stele, you can see the head of a man. It is the god Quetzalcoatl, whose face emerges from the jaws of a snake. In Xochicalco, three monuments carved in stone covered with multiple glyphic and symbolic elements were discovered. The one we observe or stela I represents a myth about the creation of human beings of the fifth sun. In stela II we see Tlátoc, god of rain, and in III the self-sacrifice of Quetzalcoatl is represented to create the fifth humanity.

Xochicalco is located in the warm zone of the state of Morelos. Its name means "place of the flowers", for that reason they paid homage to the god of the rain that appears in the wake of the left.

This is the introduction to the hall of the Toltecs. A profound transformation in all areas of culture takes place in the central region of Mesoamerica after the abandonment of Teotihuacan. This room is describing these drastic changes, evident in the cities that flourished between 700 AD. and 1300 AD

Anthropology Museum