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Model of Teotihuacan

Here we have a representation of the Teotihuacan site. You can clearly see the smallest pyramid, that of Quetzalcoatl, and then the great axis that crosses the place called the "Causeway of the dead" that reaches the pyramid of the moon, passing also by the largest, the famous Pyramid of the Sun. This representation makes us imagine what the real site of Teotihuacán is, the "place where the gods are born".

The origin of the name is Nahuatl and was used by the Mexica or Aztecs to identify this city built by a civilization before them and that was already in ruins when the Mexicas saw it for the first time. To date the name given by its original inhabitants is unknown.

The decline of the city occurred in the seventh century, in a context marked by political instability, internal rebellions and climatic changes that caused a collapse in the North of Mesoamerica. Most of the population of the city was dispersed by diverse localities in the basin of Mexico.

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