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The Paintings of Cacaxtla

In the mural on the left is the Jaguar Man of Cacaxtla. Embraces some spears from which emanate 8 drops of water, the number 8 in the cabal is the symbol of the patience that must be had for the development and work with the spear. The Jaguar means the spiritual force that the aspirant to wisdom must have, the symbol of the jaguar teaches us spiritual strength, courage.

He is standing on a snake covered with tiger skin. They are extraordinary symbols of ancient cultures. The Serpent is the symbol of the Eternal Feminine Divine principle, the emblem of love, of tenderness, and the Jaguar emblem of strength. On the right side, we see a man with a helmet and black body paint, dressed with wings and talons of Eagle. His spear-shaped baton ends on a feathered serpent head.

These murals are a copy of those found in the portico of Building A in the ruins of Cacaxtla. This mural painting, elaborated with an original Mesoamerican technique that uses the capacity of carbonation of lime and the binding power of the nopal gum (cactus), is distinguished by its naturalistic style, which combines Teotihuacan and Mayan traditions. The conflict between jaguars and birds can also be represented as the struggle of opposing forces or of groups with different ideals.

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