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Anthropology Museum

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Room of Teotihuacan

"The place where the gods are born". This culture developed in Mesoamerica the first city that had a unique splendor. A few kilometers from where we are, he exercised a power and influence over all the peoples of Mexico for nearly 700 years. Vestiges of its culture have been found from the Mayan zone to the north of Mexico.

The origins of this culture go back to the destruction of the south of the Basin of Mexico by the volcanic eruption that destroyed Cuicuilco. Several villages were assembled in the northeast region of the same basin, and the great metropolis of Teotihuacán emerged.

Teotihuacán is today one of the most visited places in Mexico for the incredible pyramids that left us only 50 kilometers from the capital. A unique place gathering the Pyramids of Quetzalcoatl, the Sun and the Moon. But this culture is much more than that, and in this room, you can see unique works of it.

Anthropology Museum