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Room of the Mexicas

Everything begins when a town that lived in Aztlán receives the call: go and look for the place where an eagle is on a nopal (cactus) devouring a snake and there they found their city. For a time, that nomadic tribe, the Aztecs, would look for that symbol until they found it on an island in a lake that is now Mexico City. They found their city: Mexico-Tenochtitlan and they call themselves Mexicas.

From the time the Mexicas founded their capital city, the religious ideology that inspired them becomes evident. The military conquests of several neighboring states begin then; Their territorial expansion, based on religious and economic militarism, allows them to form a powerful state of tributary character that chroniclers and historians define as the Mexica empire. At the beginning of the XVI century, its territorial extension was of enormous dimensions.

They will be the great empire that the Spaniards will see upon arriving in America. Those who subdued numerous villages but who also recovered a rich cultural tradition of their ancestors: Olmec, Toltec, Teotihuacan, Mayan. Enjoy this room that keeps many of its treasures.

Anthropology Museum