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Stela 31 from Tikal

This stele or monolith block is showing us an image of a ruler of the city of Tikal. His name is K'awil Chann, aptly called the "Stormy Sky". On his head is his father, Huh Chaan Mah K'ina, "Curly Nose", which symbolizes that he makes his right or appointment as Lord of Tikal legitimate.

This stela is important because it is a concrete proof that the culture of Teotihuacan influenced the Maya area. There are 700 kilometers of distance between the current Teotihuacan and the Mayan zone, but the Teotihuacan did go to that area and left their influence. For example, the cult of Quetzalcoatl or the ceramics were legacies to the Mayans. The main contact was with the cities of Tikal and Copan, leaving a great cultural and trade influence such as cocoa.

When turned around, this stele also has embedded glyphs that describe scenes commemorating the government of "Stormy Sky" and the feats of "Curly Nose". The glyphs are minimal signs of Mayan writing, equivalent to a word or a syllable.

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