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Jane Avril dancing

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 1892

Jane Avril was a famous cancan dancer of the Moulin Rouge, who made a career in different places, reaching the recognition in the cabaret of Folies-Bergère, place that Toulouse-Lautrec visited often, so the dancer and the painter became friends. She became known as the "embodiment of dance" due to the acrobatic nature of her dance. The painter's technique makes evident the energy of Jane's dance and has immortalized it in more than one of his famous posters for the different centers of Parisian shows.

Toulouse- Lautrec is one of the forerunners of the use of art in advertising and although the posters were simple and look like they were not finished, the Parisians were able to appreciate them and began to collect them, tearing them directly from the walls of the streets.