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The New Athens with Mr Bacchus

Hello, and welcome to Mr.Bacchus's Blink Tour.

I recently had the proposal to take part in the Tourblink adventure. And after a little thought, I decided that I would like to take you with me, in the artistic Paris of the 19th century, in one of my favorite neighborhoods of the capital, "La Nouvelle Athènes", situated in the area of Montmartre, between the church of the Trinity and The Moulin Rouge. As we walk, we will get closer to famous artists such as Gustave Moreau, Pablo Picasso, George Sand, and many more. So it is here, at the exit of Metro 12 at the station Trinité d'Estienne d'Orves, that the adventure of Romanticism begins. but first a little history.

The name of "New Athens" was given by the journalist Dureau de la Malle in 1823, to a group of houses and private hotels built in the early 19th century, on the hill of the Saint-Georges district. A name that refers to an ambient Greecomania, inspired by the Greek independence war against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. And it is in this old neighborhood of cabarets and orchards, that will live many writers, comedians, musicians, and painters, who formed the elite of the Parisian romantic movement.

So it is time for me to wish you a nice tour and hope that you have a wonderful experience.


Jorge en París

Engineer and former guide of free walking tours, he has lived 12 years in Paris and loves the city of lights, its streets, its stories and make discover it to all those who visit it. He has also lived in Chile, Brazil, England and currently in Mexico. An "engineer" style so you do not miss anything.