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This statue is often forgotten because Notre-Dame guides our eyes to another side. However, it reminds us of a key figure in French history, perhaps the first great emperor of France: Charlemagne.
Charlemagne was part of the Carolingian dynasty and ruled the second half of the eighth century conquering almost all of Europe. He is named emperor successor of the Holy Roman Empire. It creates the public school, implements great administrative reforms and when dying its empire was so great that it divides it among its children.
In this monument, he is represented accompanied by his vassals: Roland and Olivier. The crown of the Roman Empire is visible. The statue is of bronze and was placed in 1867. During the German occupation, it was preserved by the importance of Charlemagne in Germanic history.


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Located on the south side of the Notre-Dame square. Jean-Paul II Square in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.