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Church Saint Etienne du Mont

The church of Saint-Etienne du Mont is one of those churches not so well known but simply spectacular. A mix of styles, from the gothic, flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance with more than 100 years of construction is where today rests Santa Genoveva.

All this zone corresponds to the Abbey of Santa Genoveva destroyed during the Revolution. The only thing that remains is the Clovis tower, inside the Henri IV high school that is on the right side of it. This church, adjacent to the abbey, is saved and preserved until today. Inside you can see the tomb of Santa Genoveva and features of the ancient Gothic unique in Paris.

Saint Genoveva is the patron saint of Paris in particular because of the importance of her history. A bourgeois daughter, she devotes herself early to the life of God and everything changes at 28 years of age. Attila, the scourge of God, goes with the Huns invading Europe and is about to enter Paris. Panic enters the population and men begin to escape. In it, Genoveva stands on top of the hill and says: "Let the men escape if they want to, if they are not able to fight. We women, we will pray to God so much that he will listen to our supplications. "Without explanation, Attila instead of invading Paris leaves to the south and Genoveva begins to be considered a Saint in life. His disciples will be Clovis and Clotilde, the first Merovingian kings to transform themselves into Catholicism. Finally he dies at the incredible age of 89 years in the middle of the year 512!


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