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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, the great symbol of Paris. To look at it closely for many is the realization of a dream of years. The monument that receives the most visited entrance in the world. Its construction was made for the great Universal Exhibition of 1889 in Paris. Imagine Paris celebrating 100 years of the French Revolution, receiving travelers from around the world and showing them what was the world's tallest monument at the time with its 300 meters high.

Gustave Eiffel is the engineer who designed and built it after winning a public contest. It is said that he had an office of architects and one of his Italian employees had done it. Days before winning the contest, he bought the patent and kept exclusive rights over the work.

Nevertheless, this monument generated enough controversy in its time. The artists of the time saw him as an iron monster and Parisian public opinion did not like at all. Nor was it as touristy as today. It had a boom in the other Universal Exhibition of 1900 but finally had to be disarmed. Gustave Eiffel tried to find various uses for him so he could stay in Paris, but finally, it had to be dismantled. The first world war came in 1914, and during this period, the French army began to use it as a telecommunications antenna. After the war, it is said that the Parisian people said: "thank you, tower, now you did enough merit to stay in our city."

During the 20th century with the arrival of television and cinema, the Eiffel Tower quickly became the symbol of Paris.



Get off at Trocadero (line 6), effect and breathtaking view!
To buy in the same tower, the row for the third floor by elevator is between 30 to 120 mins depending on the time.
Recommended visit time: Visit the Eiffel Tower from night (18:00 in winter / 21:00 in summer) at each time change until 1:00 in the morning to see the Tower 'blinks' for 5 minutes.

Pratical Information


Elevator to the third (last) floor: € 25 normal, € 12.5 between 12-24 years and € 6.3 between 4-11 years.

Elevator to the second floor: € 16 normal, € 8 between 12-24 years and € 4 between 4-11 years.

Stairs (only second floor): € 10 normal, € 5 between 12-24 years and € 2.5 between 4-11 years.

Stairs to the second floor + lift: € 19 normal, € 9.5 between 12-24 years and € 4.8 between 4-11 years.


 Trocadero (Line 6 or 9), Bir-Hakeim (Line 6), Champs des Mars (RER C) or Ecole Militaire (Line 8).
 Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, Paris District 7.