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Enrique IV

Henry IV, the king of the phrase "Paris is well worth a Mass".

Originally from the French Navarre, Protestant, is forced to marry the daughter of Catherine de Médicis, Catholic, as a great alliance between Catholics and Protestants and calm the wars of religion of the sixteenth century. After the massacre of Saint Bartholomew, where during the same royal weddings the Parisians enclose and kill thousands of Protestants, Enrique remains a prisoner in the Louvre. King Charles IX finally lets him and his wife escape to Navarre as a sign of repentance for the massacre. However, destiny is curious. Catalina's sons die and finally offer to be the king of France, with the condition of transforming to Catholicism. When thinking that he could be King of France, he says "Paris is well worth a Mass". He is baptized in Notre-Dame and is named King of France. The first French monarch of the house of the Bourbons.

During his reign, he made great works for Paris, and perhaps the most important: the signature of the Edict of Nantes. It decrees the full freedom of religion, being France one of the advanced countries at the time and example for other sovereigns. The French people called him "Le Bon Roi" (the good king).

It is said that in each statue of the horse there is a code that is the so-called equestrian code. By observing the position of the horse's legs, it gives us an indication of how the rider's death was. 2 front legs raised: death in battle. A front leg lifts: death by a battle wound. Four legs on the ground: natural death. Three raised legs: ... Impossible! . And this horse that is walking, one front and one back leg: death by murder.

Ravaillac, a religious fanatic, sees a moment when Henry IV's carriage is alone. He opens the door and stabs him, being one of the crimes most felt by the French people.


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