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Grand Palais

The Grand Palais is a clear example of what the Universal Exhibitions were in Paris. The city dresses up to welcome travelers from all over the world, in the Belle-Epoque, at the moment we thought that the progress of humanity was at its best.

In 1900, the Universal Exhibition was in Paris. They inaugurate the subway and create 77,000 square meters to receive exhibitions from all over the world. It only took 3 years of construction and its architectural style reflects the taste of ornamental decoration through its stone facades. What better description than the inscription written on one of its walls: "Monument consecrated by the Republic to the glory of French art".

Most impressive at that time was its large dome or glass vault, built in iron and light steel whose main mission was to let in the light. That light so necessary for a museum and in a time where street lighting was not common.

During the first world war it served as a refuge for the colonial troops and during the second the Germans used it to park their military vehicles.

A curious fact is that in the 60s there was a project to eliminate the building and place a work by Le Corbusier. Only the death of the architect prevented this from happening.


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