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Holy Chapel

We are in the Middle Ages, and King Louis IX, or later known as St. Louis, begins the eternal pilgrimage of that time: the crusades. To liberate Jerusalem! In one of his crusades, the king goes to Constantinople and buys relics of Christ, including the Crown of Thorns.

It is said that when he returned to Paris he wanted a place worthy of his relics to exhibit them. We are about the year 1241 and it is worth remembering that Notre-Dame de Paris will only be finished in 1345. Louis IX dreamed of a place where there were no walls, where an eternal halo of light came down from heaven and showed the wonders of Jesus' relics. In only 7 years of construction it will do what today is considered as the work covers the world Gothic: the Holy Chapel.

On the second floor, there are stained glass windows that show images of the old testament. You get that effect desired by San Luis, where it really is as if the walls did not exist. For lovers of churches, the Holy Chapel is a must.



The most impressive stained glass windows of the 13th century in the world. Go on a sunny day and go up to the second floor to contemplate them

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Normal rate € 10 and free under 26 years if from a country of the European Union or non-European resident. Free to those under 18


Cité (Line 4) or Saint-Michel (RER B or C).
8, Boulevard du Palais, Paris District 1.