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Building built as a hospital for all the wounded and war sick of the French army.

Louis XIV began construction after the army demonstrated the attrition by the wars and construction of Versailles. The imposing building is a sample of the king to how important his army was for him. Shortly after the construction was completed it was thought that the veterans needed a chapel and built the dome that will be the Saint-Louis Church.

The building was always associated with the army and Napoleon had it in mind. When in 1804 he became the emperor of the French, fearing that the army would revolt, he went directly to the Invalides and created the legion of honor, the highest distinction given to each of the outstanding officers and non-commissioned officers.

By bringing Napoleon's body from the island of Saint Helena, they decide to place it inside the building and it is currently where you can admire his tomb, as well as the tombs of all the other French military heroes. The place is also the military museum and contemporary history, whose visit is highly recommended if you are lovers of history.


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 Invalides (Line 8, 13 or RER C)
129, Rue de Grenelle, Paris District 7