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Louvre Museum

Welcome to the most important museum in the world, a historical monument of humanity. The Louvre covers with a large collection of sculptures, paintings, and classical art.

If we do not see the glass pyramid maybe we do not recognize the building, which in turn is already a monument in itself. It is necessary to think geographically that Paris was concentrated in the Island of the Cité and here King Philippe Auguste in 1180 builds a fortress, to the west and outskirts of the city, to protect Paris from invasions of the Seine. Due to the urban expansion of the city, the fortress lost the defensive function and in 1546 Francisco I began major renovation works to transform it into a Renaissance palace for the kings of France. The Louvre has undergone continuous changes since then, where each king or emperor wanted to make his mark.

During the French Revolution in 1793, the revolutionaries saw the Louvre as the symbol of the monarchy and decide to transform it into a museum so that all people can have access to the royal collections. Napoleon increases the collection of works with his military campaigns. In the '80s, while France saw other cities around the world taking visitors away from their museums, a major renovation project started, promoted by President François Mitterrand. In 1989, to celebrate 200 years of the French Revolution, they inaugurated the glass pyramid of architect Ming Pei, a highly controversial work within French society, but which today became a symbol of world tourism.



Most visited: The Mona Lisa, Radeau de la Méduse, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo. The collection of large formats is a must.

Tip: download our version of the Louvre from to have access to a complete guided tour without losing time and see the main features of the museum.

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Normal rate € 15. Free if under 26 years on Fridays from 18:00. Free under 26 years if from a European Union or non-European country. Free first Sunday of the month from October to March. Free under 18 years old.


 Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre (Line 1 or 7)
Paris District 1.