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Padlocks of love

Locks of love, a romantic gesture for some since the 2000s. It is said that if a couple places a lock of love, take the key and throw it into the river (act very little ecological), nothing can ever unleash that love ......

The habit of placing padlocks of love in various cities of the world was born in the 2000s, attributing it to the 2006 novel "I want you" by the Italian author Federico Moccia, in which the protagonists make this gesture at the Milvio Bridge in Rome. Tradition quickly expands and Paris, a romantic city in essence, has to have its bridge of locks.

While there are padlocks in several places in Paris, it is mainly on two bridges where there has been a greater concentration of padlocks. The first was the Pont des Arts, perhaps the most romantic bridge in Paris that became famous worldwide for its number of padlocks and also because in 2014 the municipality of Paris removed them all by placing a glass plate to prohibit them. The bridge was literally "collapsing" because of the weight of the padlocks. How many divorces occurred because of this fact! After what happened with the Pont des Arts, we could say that "love is stronger", and people used the Pont Neuf. In just four years the bridge was equally saturated. In March 2018, the municipality again removed the padlocks from the bridge.

The moral of the story is this: if you want to place a padlock in a symbol of love do it, however, it is not recommended, because instead of eternal love, it will be a safe divorce or until the "municipality of Paris separates them".


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