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The creation of Adam

Michelangelo, 1511

The most famous scene in the large boxes of the vault is the Creation of Adam. In the sky of the Chapel, right at the center when looking up we can see this representation so many times reproduced in all parts of the world. Let's see the details:

On the right we see God the Father in the air, supported by numerous angels and surrounded by a violet layer that inflates with the wind, creating a brain-like shape, symbol of wisdom and rationality. He is represented as an old man. His left arm is around a female figure, usually interpreted as Eva, who has not yet been created and, figuratively, waits in the heavens for him to be given a place on Earth.

On the left, Adam, lying down, is attracted by the vital power that is released from the right hand of God. The right arm of God is stretched out, to impart the spark of life from his own finger to that of Adam. The magic of life occurs before that magic moment, both fingers are separated by a minimum distance, the two do not touch, only their fingers rub against each other, to start the origin of man.

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