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Avila Bookstore

In 1785 La Botica, owned by the pharmacist Francisco Salvio Marull, operated there, selling clothes, food, medicines, liquors and books, thus becoming the first bookstore in Buenos Aires. He started calling it 'Librería del Colegio' because it was close to the Royal College of San Carlos, founded in 1772 and precursor of the current National College of Buenos Aires. With the passage of time, the corner changed its owner but its activity remained. Around 1830, Marcos Sastre opened his bookshop and the "Literary Room", through which writers like Esteban Echeverría and Juan Bautista Alberti passed, figures of the intellectual movement called 'generation of 37'. By 1860 its owner was the French citizen Paul Morta. To the literary sessions and the gatherings that were realized in the bookstore attended personalities of the culture as Carlos Guido Spano, Jose Hernandez, Domingo Faustino Vine shoot, Bartolomé Miter, between many others.

In 1939 the Editorial Sudamericana was founded, which, together with the Bookstore of the School, operated in the same place. Finally, in 1993, Miguel Ángel Ávila buys the bookstore and is its owner until today.

Buenos Aires


Its halls were meeting places for illustrious personalities of our political and cultural history, from Miter, Sarmiento and Avellaneda to, in more recent times, Victoria Ocampo, Borges and Bioy Casares.

Where the Librería de Ávila is located was the first gambling house in the city. The owners were also engaged in smuggling. There were dates of "lovers" men with prostitutes.

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