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Vatican Museums

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Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are 10 museums that house important works of art from before the Christian era. It is a journey through the history of art, and how it has evolved over 2,000 years, it is important to note that the Vatican Museums are known for hosting the major artworks (considered by experts), as the most important in the world, not only for the majesty of the work but for what it represents, for the artistic work, for the time invested in it, we speak of the Sistine Chapel, the genius Michelangelo Buonarroti.

It is for this reason that all visitors go directly to the Sistine Chapel. But the Vatican Museums are much more than just the Sistine Chapel. In our itineraries, we will guide you through a route so you do not miss other emblematic works, and of such renowned artists as Rafaello, Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci and other great geniuses of the magical world of art.

Pratical Information

Opening Hours

From Monday to Saturday: 9 am - 6 pm. (last access 4pm)

Every Friday, from April to October, the Pope's Museums also open their doors to sunset, from 7 pm to 11 pm. (Last access at 9:30 pm), to be displayed in a suggestive and unusual nocturnal atmosphere. This experience of free so special visit also enjoys a rich repertoire of concerts, included in the entrance.

The places for the scheduled night concert are not numbered and can not be reserved in advance.
The value is € 21


The price of the ticket is € 17, but you have to make a line of 2 to 3 hours, we are not exaggerating. Once we were waiting for 3 hours to buy our tickets !, you can buy online through thanks to the link in our app and our partner Tiqets.

On Sunday (except the last of each month where admission is FREE), the museums close.


From Fiumicino Airport to Termini, (station where most trains and buses arrive) there are these prices and options:
Leonardo Express Train: 14 Euros arrival at Termini. (32 minutes)
Normal Train: 8 Euros arrival at Termini, but has other stops is not direct. (56 minutes)
Buses: 6 Euros arrival at Termini (more than 1 hour)

Taxi and Uber:
Uber does not work like in our country. Their rates can be higher than a normal taxi. The price can reach up to 60 euros. The taxi can leave up to 50 euros. You are in an area where the regional train is close to you. You can take the train and get off at Trastevere station and walk about 5 minutes. Or get off at the Roma Ostiense stop and then take the 719 bus and get off at the Stradivari stop. Their destination is about one minute away. (Everything in google maps can search without problems).

Metro Ticket:
In general the means of transport work well, there is not much control on the buses and the tram, so people get on without passing the ticket. The inspectors sometimes pass controlling and can put fines, it is not common, but I know of some who have had the bad experience. The ticket is worth 1.50 euros. It serves 100 minutes to use it in the different transports, that is to say, I use it only once in the subway and then if I use the bus I can go up again with that ticket. (within 100 minutes).

Metro daily ticket: 1.50 EUR
24 hours: 7.00
48 hours: 12.50
72 hours: 18.00
Weekly: 24.00 (this is the one that suits you best to use the bus and the tram calmly as many times as you wish)

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