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Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires

City of Fury / Paris of America / Borges / Piazzola / Mate / Barbecue/ Football / Cortázar / Tango / Francisco Pope / Theater / Corrientes Avenue / Obelisk / The city that does not sleep / Soda Estéreo / Gardel / Anibal Troilo / Sábato / Café Tortoni / De la Plata River / Pizza and Work / Superclásico / Empanadas / Pastelitos / Jacarandas / Passion / July 9 / Caminito / Abasto / La Boca / Retiro / Historic center / Baires / Bue / CABA / bs as and its 100 neighborhoods porteños.

Welcome to Buenos Aires, Tourblink will accompany you to guide you through its magnificent streets and so you do not miss its most important monuments, we also tell you the secrets that the city keeps better.

We currently have the itinerary of the historic center and Retiro district.

Pratical Information


On foot: it will allow you to know in detail each one of the corners of the city. Be careful when crossing the street.

Subway: There are six lines: A, B, C, D, E and H. It is the fastest and most economical transportation in the city. And except during peak hours, the most comfortable. You have to buy a card at 25 pesos the first time and each trip costs 7.5 pesos.

Colectivo: This is what the porteños say to buses and urban buses. There are many lines that are distinguished by number and color in the bodies. Each journey is different. The price of the ticket varies according to the distance of the trip and the zones. Notify the driver where you are traveling.

Taxi: They are painted yellow and black. Check that the taxi driver turns on the taximeter when the trip begins. The payment is always in Argentine pesos.

Let us guide you

How about taking all the information about the city with you? The sites that you do not have to miss with the best information and the option to enjoy a free audio guide all offline. You will also have the option to buy your tickets from the app and avoid problems and save time.

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ConiPan y Marian

ConiPan: My university degree says: Lic in Communication Sciences My father say - gold powder My boyfriend: disorderly My psychologist: ... My boss an employee (Leonina) I ... I do not know .. I discover it every day and if I do not like it I change it! The only thing I know is that I need many lives to know ALL THE WORLD, Yes EVERYTHING! Starting where I live ... the great city of Fury: Buenos Aires Marian: Curious by nature, I know they say that curiosity killed the cat, but since I am a Pisces I do not worry. Former amateur guitarist and music lover of all times, I enjoy the history and walk the cities to tell me their own stories. My alma mater for the kitchen: my grandparents, I hope someday to get to your heels. Almost graduated in Communication Sciences and an inveterate traveller. No matter the destination, all places have their magic.