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Buenos Aires

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And finally, we reached the obelisk!

One of the most famous icons of the city, the center of the city of Buenos Aires where it crosses Corrientes and "9 de Julio" avenues. The meeting point of many porteños, the point of reference, besides the Plaza de Mayo the obelisk is the place for celebrations of football matches, witnesses the demonstrations among others! It is the Heart of the city.

The obelisk symbolizes the two foundations of Buenos Aires and the raising of the national flag for the first time.

The project was built in 1936 by the Architect Alberto Presbich. The obelisk is born in commemoration of what was the first foundation of the city of Buenos Aires, is 67 meters high and four faces, in each one has engravings the most important historical events: the 4th centenary of the foundation of the city- place where the flag was raised - declaration of the city of Buenos Aires as capital of the country - the second foundation of the city by Juan Garay. Previously in that place, there was the San Nicolas de Bari Church that was moved to Santa Fe Street a few blocks away from that place.

Buenos Aires


The obelisk was very resisted by certain sectors of society, three years after its inauguration, the Deliberative Council sanctioned the demolition, it was not carried out because the mayor then vetoed the sanction

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Corrientes and 9 de Julio avenues