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Buenos Aires

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Colon Theater

It was opened in 1908 with the Opera Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. It is an opera theater, known for being one of the five best in the world for its acoustics and size.

Three people were those who collaborated with the construction of the theater, in the initial project in 1890 was the architect Francesco Tamburini, after his death the architect Victor Meano was preceded, for economic reasons the works stopped and in 1904 the State commissioned Jules Dormal to finish with the work. Its dome was decorated by the painter Raúl Soldi.

The Colon has its own workshops where it makes the productions for its shows. These are in the subsoil, if you go on the guided tours that are made you can visit them.

Between 2001 and 2010, the Teatro Colón underwent a profound process of conservative restoration and technological modernization that restored the original shine of its years of splendor, without altering the acoustics of its hall or the original architecture of the noble parts

Buenos Aires


One of the best-known anecdotes of the theater was when the director Arturo Toscanini, in 1912, decided to withdraw from an essay, because he did not like how a clarinet player played. Since there was no other bass clarinet in Buenos Aires, the theater authorities had to convince the maestro to review his decision. Finally, Toscanini gave in but then who did not want to play was the offended clarinetist.

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