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This sculpture is made of volcanic stone and dazzles for being monumental. It would be necessary to imagine it painted. His face was yellow, with a necklace that had precious pieces with an hour pendant. On his head, his crown painted light blue. The ears were turquoise and their skirts in blue tones symbolizing the water or sometimes in a green skirt where you could see newborn babies in a stream of water that emerged from their skirts.

Chalchiuhtlicue is the goddess of the horizontal waters, of the lakes and streams of water. She is also the patron of births and plays an important role in Aztec baptisms. In the myth of the five suns, she enlightened the world in the First Sun, dominating the fourth world, in the Four-Water era. During his reign, the sky was of water, which fell on the earth as a great flood at the hands of this goddess. Humans became fish.

The dimensions of the statue allow us to think about its importance for this culture. She was one of the most important female figures linked to the liquid in the Mesoamerican culture. She was considered the most important protector of coastal navigation in ancient Mexico. They honored her because she could drown those who walked in those waters, as well as cause storms and whirlwinds in them.

Anthropology Museum