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Doctor Paul Gachet

Vincent van Gogh. 1890

Doctor Paul Gachet was in the care of Van Gogh the last two months he lived north of Paris in the village of Auvers, all thanks to the intermediation of the painter Camille Pizarro. The doctor, in addition to practicing psychiatry, was passionate about art and maintained a friendship with other painters such as Manet, Monet, Renoir and Cézanne.

Gachet, an admirer of the work of Van Gogh, was with him in his last moments and accompanied his brother Theo at the funeral of the artist, whose tomb is in the cemetery of the same town.
Vincent refers to the Doctor in a letter he sent to Theo as follows: "I really thought he was as disheartened as you or me, and he is older and lost his wife a few years ago, but he is a good doctor and his profession and his faith give him enough strength to continue. Our friendship is huge ... "