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Carrefour Curie

In 1932, the architect Joseph Marrast and the sculptor Calo Sarrabezolles built three buildings reminiscent of the brick and stone architecture of the early 17th century on the Place Dauphine. Above the Rue de Nevers, in the double building was placed a large pediment that represented the "Glory of Paris".

Marrast had to solve the problem of the integration of these buildings on the site, the exit of the Pont-Neuf, in front of the buildings of the Dauphine place, next to La Monnaie and on the rue de Nevers, one of the narrowest streets in Paris that crosses with a vestige of the wall of Philippe Auguste. Marrast then declared that it was necessary "to remain in harmony with this site, perhaps to complement it, intensify it or qualify it, but under no circumstances break it with a discordant note".

The name comes from the fact that on April 19, 1906, while crossing the pavement of Dauphine Street under the rain, protected by his umbrella, Pierre Curie (1859-1906) did not see a heavy truck pulled by horses. He slipped on the wet stone pavement and was knocked down. The left rear wheel of the truck broke his head. He dies instantly.


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Saint-Michel (Line 4), Pont-Neuf (Line 7)
Carrefour quai de Conti, intersection of Dauphine street and Nevers street.