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Tertre Square

The square is famous for portrait painters and painters, who exhibit and paint their works in the open air. It is one of the most emblematic places of Montmartre and one of the main tourist attractions of Paris. It is a reminder of the Parisian bohemian of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, where Montmartre was the birthplace of impressionism.

In the early twentieth century, several poor painters who were later known worldwide, such as Picasso and Utrillo lived in the Plaza de Tertre or in its vicinity.

The oldest restaurant 'À la Mère Catherine' was founded in 1793 and is still there. Quaint neighborhood, it's a bit tourist-trap. If you want to have diner in the neighborhood other alternatives exist for the street des Abesses.

Historical also because in 1871 it will be the origin of the Paris Commune when General Lecomte tries to come to look for cannons that were kept on the hill, and a popular revolt revolts and the revolution that will last 2 months will begin.

Also important because in 1898 a vehicle piloted by Louis Renault, its constructor, reaches for the first time the square.